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Personal Care

We provide Personal Care at your level of convenience and for patients with wide range of need. If you need regular or semi-regular assistance we can custom design our service to fit your needs.

Home Care Management

We provide Home Care management services for patients. Our employees are well trained and experienced in making sure our patients are settled in a comfortable environment.

Other Services

We provide a wide range of services to clients with different needs. Our goal is to ensure quality and comfort for our patients. Contact us for a list of additional services we provide.



Care Plus Home Care LLC is a locally owned and operated personal care provider specializing in providing highly trained, experience and dedicated PCAs to our clients. Our goal is to ensure our clients receive the best care and service possible. Our dedication to ensuring our clients comfort drives our operating model and performance expectations of our employees. We recognize no two clients are the same and in that light we work with our clients to design our services to their specific needs and assign staff best fitted to those specific needs.
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Care Plus Home Care LLC

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